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Zipline Mod Review (V1.7.3)

The Zipline mod adds a lot of new physics-related items into Minecraft. Basically, these cut out half of the boring jobs such as making an awkward bridge of dirt or using repetitive gravel dropping to get down! (Reviewed at V1.7.3)

The Good


  • No more “gravel dropping”
  • Easy to craft items
  • Looks amazing
  • New physics


The Bad


  • Only 1 sound
  • Doesn’t change how you play
  • Incredibly buggy


Graphics: 4/5

The graphics in this mod add a lot of wanted things into Minecraft. These items mainly being the action/adventure style rope and bridges. If these were in the real game, they would be a ‘must-have’ for all custom maps. There is also a falling animation if the bridge and/or rope falls. Also, if you walk across the rope (like a tightrope boss), there is a wobble animation. It feels extremely disorientating and, at the same time, like you’re going to fall. This makes you want to move incredibly fast across. You should be fine though if you just walk forward. Other than that, they also added in placeable leather which is just stretched leather that can be used as an animal carpet. hell yeah!

Sounds: 1.5/5

Only one sound was used for the rope bridge. It was already a sound implemented into the game. Also a bit of a disappointment that there was no ‘swoosh’ for the actual zipline.

Bugginess: 1/5

Calm down, calm down! Yes, I know that’s a score almost as bad as Minecraft’s very own bugginess but don’t get upset. This mod is still quite new and, like Minecraft, in its beta stage. Therefore, expect many bugs. Most of the bugs involve duplication glitches, bridges randomly glitching and rope falling/not connecting properly. There is a big reason for this. It is all due to this mod having its very own physics system. Because this is all original coding, it is still very rough and buggy. However, I’m sure it will all be fixed in no time so stay tuned for this mod!

Installation: 4/5

This mod is extremely easy to install but requires another mod first. So, only an 8 out of 10 for now but it is still much easier than most other mods out there! (The other mod needed is modloader which is a must for most mods.)

Content: 3.5/5

This mod really, and truthfully, doesn’t add a whole lot into Minecraft. However, due it having its own physics system, it’s score is drastically boosted up! Altogether, 4 new blocks and 7 new recipes are added into the game:

  • Stretched leather: a block of placeable leather
  • Clothed sheet: a thin block of placeable wool
  • Rope bridge: can be placed on rope and blocks
  • Rope: very useful for climbing
  • Handlebar: used for zip-lining down rope
  • A new way to make string by using wool in the crafting table
  • A new rope arrow: wherever it lands rope will retract from
Photo Gallery!

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The Verdict

This mod definitely has some good sides. A lot of annoyance found in Minecraft is taken away and replaced with awesomeness. The graphics and physics are also awesome but the lack of sound and mass of bugs let this mod down. Altogether an excellent mod helps you out during somewhat annoying parts of the game. Be sure to download this mod to make Minecraft a better virtual world today!
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Cameron Walker

I enjoy reading and writing, especially when I get to share what I write with others. It has long been a passion of mine to become a author.

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