Zeppelin mod review (1.8.1)

The Zeppelin mod adds a whole new way to navigate the beautiful, lush landscape of Minecraft. It’s never been so rewarding to ride in your gold-plated airship that actually flies. The recent update has made the mod able to move all blocks now. So go ahead and make any aircraft out of anything and off you go! (reviewed at 1.8.1)

The Good


  • A flyable, rideable, boatable (boatable?) device that you control
  • Fully make the aircraft to your personal taste and preferences
  • Have any block you want on your aircraft
  • Fly around Minecraft in a legit way, hell yeah


The Bad


  • Still very glitchy
  • Not many new sounds and textures
  • Some blocks glitch out on occasion


Content: 4.5/5

For content, this mod is endless. The mod has as much content as your imagination. Other than that, it adds in 4 new blocks to the game that each move in different ways. The first block is the Airship Controller – The controller for your typical flying machine. Next is the Elevator controller – Platform goes up/down. Then there’s the Turntable Controller – Which acts as a rotating device. Finally there’s the Boat controller which is for making and piloting a boat. So these 4 blocks manage to make a hell of a difference to Minecraft. Stunning idea…

Sounds/Visual Aspects: 3.5/5

There are currently no added sounds. However, visually, the way the blocks can be diagonal agianst the world is awesome and creates a believable airship, which reels you into the mod. There’re also changes made to the 4 different blocks in the game. These could do with improving, however.

Glitches: 2.5/5

This mod has been well known for it’s nooks and crannies, but the modder usually fixes all bug reports in the following update. Still though, there are many things that can go wrong. One common glitch is falling off your aircraft through the blocks randomly. Another is when the blocks go all crazy when you crash sometimes. But I’m sure this will be pretty much glitchless soon.

Installation: 4.5/5

Another immensely easy mod to install. Simly download modloader delete the META-INF and of course, drag ‘n’ drop! That’s right, our favorite, simply drag the mod’s zip contents into your minecraft.jar and you’re away!

Photo Gallery!

The Verdict

This mod is definitely worth downloading as it creates whole new reasons to play Minecraft. Once the glitches are gone and he sharpens up the textures a bit, this will defianlty be a top 10 mod!

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Cameron Walker

I enjoy reading and writing, especially when I get to share what I write with others. It has long been a passion of mine to become a author.

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