We’re Recruiting!

Most people don’t know that we here at TOB are always recruiting! New staff means more content and better ideas. Everyone has something to bring to the table! Joining TOB is easy! Here are the positions we are actively hiring right now! Click Here to Apply!


Something that most people don’t get right off the bat at TOB is that we don’t blog here. All of our content has some sort of substance and creativity from the writers themselves. When you are a writer you can write Reviews, Previews, Interviews, Community Spotlights, Tutorials, Opinion pieces, or a Fan-Fiction! It is quite a bit of work though, so be prepared to dedicate some time to writing articles every week! Obviously if you have a passion for writing it wont be a problem :P


Proofreaders, although over looked, are very important to the writing process! Because our content tends to be very beefy there tends to be a lot of Spelling and grammar errors. It is up to the Proofreaders to fix this! At the moment we have 1 active proofreader, so if you think you’d enjoy it now’s the time to join!

Graphic Artists

Almost all of the graphics on this website have been created by a graphic artist! If you create original content, or wish to work on the layout of the next magazine join the team as a graphic artist and show us what you got!


I'm wookie, the founder of The Obsidian Block. I Really love minecraft, especially the community. Some really creative projects have come into being because of this game, and i enjoying being a part of it. What started out as just a magazine, has turned into this site where we plan on one day reviewing all player created content for minecraft. Slowly but surely we'll get there, but in the meantime we've also been interviewing, previewing, and much more! Lurk around the site, we've got some cool stuff. Feel free to PM/E-mail me your comments or concerns (about the site). Thanks!

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