Top 5 Piston Creations

Pixel & Segment Displays

Not the most useful creation, but it’s definitely amazing.

Fully programmable 3d printer

It is exactly what it claims to be… in all its glory.

The Self Repairing Structure & Self-Building Bridge

May have been created a while ago, but still remains one of the most useful ways to use a piston.

It’s the same concept as the repairing structure just in bridge form!

Castle Piston Gate

Everyone can make a piston door, but lets be honest this is pretty cool. It could probably be designed to run a little faster and smoother, but it’s the concept that makes it awesome.

3×3 Piston Door

Think about it. A 3×3 door means that there is a center block thats needs to disappear too… Pretty awesome, and i have a feeling it will be used in a lot of “lost civilization” adventure maps.


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