Opinion: The Endermen (1.8 Mob!)

This is what we know…

This is a picture taken of Notch talking about the Endermen on twitter about how they function. this is all we know so far.



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The Bad

The addition of the “Endermen” mob (as they have been so ironically named. Endermen > end > the end > A mob that “could” turn out a Major game breaker.) seem like fresh and great addition to Minecraft; but what are the greater implication of adding such a mob. We all know we have been waiting for more creatures in this game to kill and slaughter but, really, a mob which can run fairly fast and can even teleport towards you have after having looked at it and then away is a serious leap from any other mob we have had so far. It could be amazing… or amazingly game breaking.

I feel as if my nightmare as come true and Weeping Angels (Dr.Who reference guys!) are going to be creeping about in my Minecraft world. Now, it may be to early to make such assumptions, but, if these where both day time and night time, we could be in for mayhem (I mean seriously, look at them!). Now all we need is a darlek/creeper invasion to top of the terrifying, teleporting menaces which will be invading our game in the 1.8 adventure update.

Edging away from the Dr. Who references, we can also see, in an enhanced picture, that these creature can hold blocks. If so, does this mean they can destroy block? can they destroy out creations and tear apart our homes?Along with a creeper blowing up our homes, is this really what we need as well? You obviously have your own opinion but I believe the cons of this far out way the pros. Imagine going in your mine for a Minecraft night because you’d rather not traverse the horrid, terrifying land at night only to find your house is in bits when you get back to the surface. Now, I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking, “Oh crap!” right about now. I understand we need tougher mobs to face (as it gets easy after your first few nights) but adding a creature that can literally destroy livelihood (over-dramatising for-the-win).

Anyway, ending my rant on the “Endermen”, it is nice to see Notch taking steps in the right direction in adding content to the game. Whether the content will work with the community is yet to be seen.

-By AxaT

Photo Gallery!

Take a look at them here![/one_half]

The Good

The Endermen are the newly revealed addition to Mincraft 1.8. The release has yet to be determined but, due to this new mob, some people don’t want it to happen. Seriously though, it’s not all bad!

For example, Minecraft is extremely easy after the first 15-20 days. By this time, you’ll have a base that can deflect all attacks, some food and an iron/diamond sword. So, this new addition gives a whole new reason to be better prepared. Now the player will need more food, armour, weaponry and much more. If it’s true that they can literally destroy your base, then you may need obsidian or, maybe, a new block that can’t be picked up. You may be thinking, “how is this good?”. Well, it adds a lot more difficulty and adventure into Minecraft and a reason to actually improve your crummy old house now. It also seems to replace creepers on the fear factor for future video series and LP’s. Altogether, this will be a great new addition to the game that will give Minecraft depth, fear and more need to buy new pants!

It is believed that these new mobs can pick up and place blocks. Perhaps they even make their own base. It is also believed that they only attack if you look at them they look away. Apparently, they can even sprint and teleport. This makes them, easily, the most hostile mob out there. Now tell me how that isn’t great!

-By Cameron Walker

Original picture

Endermen enhanced
Enhanced Picture

Endermen close up
Close up

Fun little tid-bit!

Saw this while looking through Notches recent posts! looks like punching pigs just got more satisfying :)

Disclaimer: Pictures of Endermen taken from

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