RuneCraft: sponsored by TOB

What is RuneCraft?

RuneCraft is a mod based on the game Runescape, created by BoBxAxReDxDiNo. Although based on the popular mmorpg, you do not need any Runescape experience to enjoy this mod. BoBxAxReDxDiNo beautifully brings the Minecraft and Runescape worlds together without disturbing the flow of Minecraft itself. Every texture has been hand crafted to the 16×16 pixel standard of Minecraft. Nothing has been replaced, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of the current and future Minecraft features. This mod simply adds to the experience.

What does it mean to be sponsored by TOB?

The Obsidian Block has provided a home for this mod. The developer now has a special part of the site devoted to him where we can keep a gallery, blog, download archive, and more. All of the modder’s files are also hosted by TOB on our server. We’re just doing our part to help out the community any way we can.

Mod Photo Gallery

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I'm wookie, the founder of The Obsidian Block. I Really love minecraft, especially the community. Some really creative projects have come into being because of this game, and i enjoying being a part of it. What started out as just a magazine, has turned into this site where we plan on one day reviewing all player created content for minecraft. Slowly but surely we'll get there, but in the meantime we've also been interviewing, previewing, and much more! Lurk around the site, we've got some cool stuff. Feel free to PM/E-mail me your comments or concerns (about the site). Thanks!

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