Pokemob Mod Review (v0.3.2)

I’m sure 99/100 people reading any game related article have played Pokemon. So hearing about a Pokemon mod coming to Minecraft may actually cause Creepers to blow! At the moment the mod is in very early development and is only at version 0.3.2. Any updates will be published by yours truly so check back every so often for more information. Without further ado, here’s the pokemob mod review. (Reviewed at v0.3.2)

The Good


  • Adds new mobs into the game
  • Will eventually make the game a lot better


The Bad


  • Early in development
  • Only adds 15 mobs and 3 items into the game


Graphics: 4.5/5

The graphics are *gulp*, *takes a deep breath*, Pokemon! This modder deserves a pat on the back from everyone, which may hurt! This guy has only made 15 Pokemon to date so far. But they look so realistic and amazing that your eyes twinkle and your childish side comes out. Your brain activates your young memories of defeating the first gym. He’s even made a Pokedex which also looks amazingly real. I can’t wait to see what else this guy does! Oh and Blastoise, well uhh… how do I put this into words that don’t sound to harsh. HE IS AWESOME! No joke Blastoise looks highly realistic considering it’s only a pixelated version of h… Oh, never mind scratch that last line, I said scratch it!

Sounds: 4/5

This modder has yet again out done himself on the sounds. Currently All of the Pokemon say there names. Basically what they do on the T.V show. Back then I cried over the cuteness, right now I cry over the cut… I mean the sounds are awesome. Charmander mutters “Charmander” in such a innocent voice you feel sorry when you kill him repeatedly. There’s also a THUD like sound when Ivysaur falls a block or more. I think this is to show how heavy that Pokemon is. The last sound is when you launch a Pokeball at a Pokemob. This make the classic, uh uh as it tilts from side to side. So far this mod only has these sounds, considering it’s release date thought, it’s pretty darn amazing.

Bugginess: 5/5

No bugs have been found by me or the maker yet. There was one bug with name tags, however this was fixed in 0.3.2. After playing with this mod for a good few hours I’m positive there’s very little to no bugs! Very good job once again!

Installation: 4.5/5

Requirements for installation: A brain
This may be getting old now, but it requires drag ‘n’ drop and deleting the META. Can be easier but still pretty simple.
You also have to install a few other mods which are linked in the Pokemob forum page. Which is linked down below!

Content: 3.5/5

So far this mod only adds in 15 Pokemon, Pokeballs and a Pokedex into the game. But don’t be disheartened, this is what he plans to add into the mod;

  • All original 151 Pokemon
  • Gyms (HOLY S*** SERIOUSLY!? “yes!”)
  • NPC towns (e.g the ones from Red and Blue!)
  • Evolution and EXP system
  • Pokemon battle system (I JUST SSSSSssss’d!)
  • Team Rocket randomly appearing to battle your Pokemon!
  • Items
  • Multiplayer support
  • Surprises

As you can see it’s a pretty big, challenging list. When this is done it will be almost as big, if not bigger than the Aether. Until the there’s all that to add in ^.

Also for content all Pokemobs can evolve. There’s currently 5, but they all evolve twice so altogether 15 Pokemobs. So far there’s Pidgey, Caterpie, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. My favorite Pokemob however is defiantly Blastoise.

Photo Gallery!

Check back for photos in a bit!

The Verdict

This mod adds a lot of mobs into Minecraft. It makes the game a lot more fun when you realize there Pokemobs everywhere. However it also doesn’t seem very Minecrafty anymore. This is mainly because you don’t think of Pokemon when talking about Minecraft or vice versa. This mod is still pretty amazing and will become a big deal in the modding of Minecraft, who knows maybe Notch will add a ‘pokemob‘ mode into Minecraft. Either way this is certainly worth a download!
[button color=”orange” link=”” target=”_blank”]Download Here[/button]

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