Minecraft Fallout RP server preview (photo heavy)

Fallout: War Never Changes

This server may cause gooseboops! As you may have noticed, this server is based on the popular Fallout series, particularly on New Vegas, the newest game. It has all of the major cities, mixed in with a few other creatively designed buildings, a texture pack, and a few plugins to provide the best Minecraft-Fallout experience…ever! (Scroll down for photo gallery!)

The plugins they have so far are:

  • A bookshelf and book reading plugin: right-click a book or bookshelf to read it
  • Chest protection: can only be purchased via donating on the forums
  • Name changer: you have to come up with a fitting name for your character
  • Separate chats: so factions of allies etc. can talk
  • Factions: this is a must so you can have brotherhood of steel etc.
  • Money and “sell function”: this allows you to have caps and sell the item in your hand to gain these precious bottle tops

Soon to be added

  • Quests: another way to get your precious caps
  • Guns: a textured bow can only do so much raiding…
  • Many others

These plugins have been very cleverly selected to give off a Fallout theme. Now on with the preview-ey stuff

Here’re some hard facts!

If your reading this the server is probably out, if not it’s expected Sunday or Monday around 5:00pm Eastern time (the 15/16 of October 2011).

Now you’re probably wondering “How does one apply?” Well there are 3 possible solutions to this.

Firstly you can apply on the forums via the whitelist app. If that doesn’t suit you then you can try to message a white-lister or admin and see if they let you in. Finally there’s the good ol’ fashioned way of sending a application sheet to their Minecraft Forums page. So go get applying now! (Links at bottom)

Your next thought may be “But what is the goal/What do you do in this RP server?”. That’s easy, you sit around and pretend you’re in a Fallout war… oh wait that’s my life, I got confused sorry. These clever chaps have used factions and quests to create more daring adventures. Along with side-quests, expansions and unique items. Lets go into more detail. Each faction has it’s own faction perk which will make it stand out. For example, The Enclave are allowed to use power armor! Then there’re quests where you can put the fancy buildings to good use, however quests can only be done once and you have to do certain quests to unlock the next (like actual Fallout). This is what makes this server not only stand out, but also highly entertaining when you’re blasting some feral ghouls with your buddies to gain the priceless death claw sperm. Yup, that’s totally a real quest.

– Check back later for more information as we get it! we’ll be updating this post periodically over the next few days –

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