Minecraft 1.7 Review

Hello, everybody! Finally, 1.7 has been released. While it’s not the adventure update we have been hoping for, today I will be giving a sort-of-in-depth review of all of the major changes in the Minecraft 1.7 update.

So, without further ado, here is the list of changes I shall be talking about today:

  • Fence Stacking
  • TNT Detonation Changes
  • Redstone->Repeater fix
  • Shears
  • And last but not least, Pistons!

Fence Stacking

First, I would like to talk about the fence stacking update. While it’s not a huge update, it is convenient because you no longer have to know the trick behind stacking fences. It is now easy as stacking dirt, or any other block for that matter. I believe the problem with this feature before was due to the fact that fences are 1.5 blocks tall, which means they can’t stack perfectly. That requires a bit more code to put in, and we all know how “busy” notch has been. He just simply “couldn’t” get around to it any sooner. Maybe we’ll see a fence gate by the November release. Or perhaps Jeb will just make them for us so we shut up(I’m kidding guys, you’re doing a great job developing Minecraft!)

TNT Detonation

Secondly, TNT detonation has been changed. No longer will it be easy for greifers to destroy your house! They now have to hook the TNT up to Redstone wire or set it on fire to detonate it. And that just takes all of the “heat of the moment” away from it. Other than that, I’m not quite sure what the purpose of it was other than to make it possible to pick the TNT back up should you place it on “accident” and someone wonders why you “accidently” filled their house with it on “accident”. I suppose it does make sense though, due to the fact I’ve never heard of punching TNT to set it off. And even if you could, what idiot would want to?


Redstone->Repeater fix

This is another convenience feature(plus, I guess it was a bug, because it’s called a “fix”). Redstone Repeaters used to not attach to nearby Redstone. However, they now do. There isn’t much to say about this part of the update, I just wanted to give it a mention.



Next, Shears were implemented! Finally, a reasonable way to get wool from sheep. I was getting tired of getting wool stuck in my nails from punching them all day, anyway. Shears have been implemented as a safe way to get wool, as it doesn’t hurt the sheep. In future updates, they plan on making animals in the world more persistent, which means sheep wool will regrow. Only if the sheep are alive, that is. Which they won’t be if you keep punching them.

Shears are also now a way to get tree leaves. Though they’re not really useful for anything else, they’re a nice aesthetic touch for your house, if you like bushes and whatnot.

And finally… Pistons!

Finally, Pistons have been put into the game! For quite some time, we’ve been waiting for this implementation, due to rumors of them being added were circulating around the Minecraft community quite some time ago. While they are a great item in the game, I find that they are not quite as functional as the Piston Mod by Hippoplatimus. There are a couple reasons for this:

  1. Pistons can’t push entities, i.e Chests, Furnaces, etc.
  2. Pistons don’t launch gravity affected blocks, or players(I had an honest use for that… promise!)
  3. You must break the piston in order to change the direction it’s sitting. However, this sort of evens itself out, because now you won’t accidentally click it and change the direction and screw up your design.

It’s not a huge deal, it’s just a couple things that bug me about the new Pistons, but that’s just me personally.


All in all, this is a pretty good update to hold us over until 1.8 comes out. Pistons, Shears, and Fence Stacking are all good additions to the game, and the TNT detonation change and Redstone->Repeater fix were also great. I give this update a 9/10, One point deducted for it not being the Adventure Update we were promised. Top “Notch” Job, Jeb! (Say that ten times fast!)


I'm a writer and a programmer. In my off time, I also play video games quite often.

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