Mine, Fight, Respawn…

Mine, Fight, Respawn…

 Part 1

Chapter 1 – A New World

The trees swayed as the strong breeze rushed past. Bushes rustled and flowers danced. The seemingly endless water swayed. An almost perfect silence… almost perfect…

He awoke.

“Wha… what the hell is this place!” Said the stranger, with a bemused look on his face. He slowly rose to a standing position. Looking at his hands, he gasped. “Who did this to me?” Bellowed the startled stranger, but no one answered. His family, his friends, his life… it had all gone.

He gazed into the distance. It appeared to be nothing but a dense gathering of trees surrounding him. “I can do this” he thought. He paced the small overgrowth into the start of a huge forest. The trees were too crowded for you to see even a metre in front. As he paced further into the forest, an idea struck him. He started to rip off the branches of nearby trees. Slowly he had a fair amount laid out at his feet. He slumped eagerly to the ground and started making rough tools from the scraps he had gathered; then a small rickety table. Finally, he made hooks and placed these and the tools on the table. He stood up-right and beamed at his hard work. “What now though… what now?”  He paced some more, clearly thinking hard. Thoughts streaming through his mind: a house, mine, shelter, and light. His thoughts began to turn into past memories of his home, friends and family. Once again, he slumped to the floor. This time, lazily and sad. He fiddled with the few remaining branches, clearly not focused. As he played around with them, he accidentally made a pickaxe like shape. Thinking about it showed he could actually make one, so he chiselled away at some wood until it sharpened. Then he stuck it to a rough stick and held it up. Looking at it made him feel exhilarated. Adrenaline pulsed through his veins as he stood again with delight. He was determined to test it out. Breaking into a quick sprint, he headed towards a small mountain. When he got there he took a few deep breaths. He breathed deeply, held the pick above his head and… SSSSSSSSSSS… BOOM!

Chapter 2 – Beware the night

His face smashed into the jagged rock. Blood poured down his face as he slowly regained consciousness. His heart pumped dangerously fast. ‘Du-du, du-du, du-du!’  The excruciating pain stopped suddenly. The blood dried and his heart rate returned to normal. In this world, injuries didn’t show and the pain was never there. He knew his leg ‘bone’ was broken. He could barely walk, yet no pain ebbed from his limbs. He dragged himself to the forest, half limping and half crawling as the Sun bid farewell. At first, it meant nothing to him as he rested against a thick, oak tree, but he soon started to hear noises. He decided it would be best to close himself off. He picked up some of his sticks and connected them to four close trees. In front of him stood a very basic, flimsy shelter, but, for its purpose, it looked fine. Resting his head against the soft grassy layer of the hard floor, he slept.

Suddenly, he awoke to a sharp noise of a twig snapping. Adrenaline sparked up inside his body and he was ready to pounce if needed. Then, he heard the sickening noise of bones rattling. ‘Rattle, Rackle. Ratt, Scrat.’ The bones bounced off of each other, jingling a not-so-merry tune. The sounds got closer and closer and too close. His breath ceased to be as the noise got closer. He then heard the sound of bones breaking. ‘SHWOO, CLANK!’ The sound of air being torn was repeatedly followed by bones snapping and breaking. It stopped as quickly as it started and silence littered the forest once more. Something gently pulled back his flimsy branches.

“You must be a new spawnie, huh? Haha, another one for the creepers I bet!” Stated the unusual block-shaped girl in front of him.

“What did you call me?” He asked half grinning half confused. Fully relieved…

Chapter 3 – Guys belong in the kitchen

“Jack welcome home!” bellowed the cheerful father.

“Dad, is that you? I had the strangest dream for my age.” sighed Jack

His Dad’s head grew bigger, wider. Jack panicked. Running, he fell over a chair, banged his head and whipped out of the nightmare.

“It, It’s real, it’s all real!” Jack gulped the last few words.  He looked around the mansion-like hut around him. He lay upon a cloth bed. The ‘house’ was mostly made out of planks of wood. The bottom layer was a made out of cobbled stone. Jack stood up inside the hut, carefully. Looking out of a metre thick pane of glass he gazed longingly at a lone pig. ‘Bacon’ he thought. ‘What I would do to have some bacon…’ He continued to look at the pig. 5 minutes passed, 10, 15 finally something happened. The woman from earlier pounced on the pig and lunged straight at it’s neck. The pig’s head sliced off, hitting the floor with a heavy thud. The woman dragged the pig back to the hut by it’s forelegs. She tapped on the door.

“You up? Open the door!” She yelled

Jack eagerly walked to the door and tugged it open. The woman stepped in still dragging the pig.

“Sorry if I woke ya! The door doesn’t really open from the other side.” She placed the pig on the floor and slumped onto her ‘bed’.

“Umm, can I just ask, where the hell am I? oh, and while were at it, how exactly did I get here?” queried Jack, half dowsing the girl with spit from his words.

“Oh, well you fainted so I dragged you here. As for where you are, other than my house, you know just as well as I do! I have named it though, I call it, Minecraft.” She stood up, picked up the pig and placed it onto a table. She then unsheathed a small blade and cut deeply into pig. Eventually, after a few moments, there was a fair bit of pig meat in front of her. She cleaned her knife and placed it back into the sheath.

“Your being a bit quiet aren’t you?” stated the girl as she sat back down.

“Jus… just thinking that’s all…” said  Jack, clearly day dreaming.

“Well, while you think, how about cooking that bacon over there” She pointed to the table where the meat laid. “The furnace is just there” She pointed once more to a stone furnace.

“Uh… yeah, sure.” Jack drifted towards the bacon, picked it up, and dropped it into the furnace.

“Wh…” Jack started.

“Coal?” she asked. Jack nodded. “It’s just over there, in that chest.” She motioned to a large wooden crate that could open and close.

Jack walked towards it and opened it. Looking inside he found alot of strange things not normally found in a person’s home. There were a few cow hides, wooden sticks, broken assortments of tool and a few ingots of sorts lying amongst the coal. After picking the coal up, Jack placed it into the bottom compartment of the furnace. Just as he was about to ask how he lit the furnace, it suddenly erupted in flames. Jack looked at it, puzzled.

“Oh, yeah, I should of said” stated the girl, looking at Jack’s expression, “you’re a long way from home…”

 Chapter 4 – Learning the cubiod ropes

I’ve been in Minecraft for 3 days now. Wrote Jack. I’ve seen furnaces magicly erupt, skeletal warriors roaming the land and limbs that seem to replace themselves. Minecraft is very different to real life. Here there’s no rules. No cities, countries. No civilisation. I never thought I’d say this, but it’s hell without those things…

Jack finished scribbling onto the rough papyrus just as Amy woke up, yawning loudly.

“Any plans for today Amy?” Asked jack.

“Well I’m just going to be…” A wicked grin seized Amy’s faces mid-sentance. “Yeh I have a plan, I’m gonna show you the ropes pretty boy!” She said, still grinning wickedly.

“Aha, erm what does that include?” Jack asked, unsure of what to think.

“I’m sure you’ll find out!” Replied Amy giggling.

    Leaves littered the unending terrain. The two people crunched on them heavily, breaking twigs, leaves and bark in there wake.

“Okay, first task! See that pig over there?” Jack nods, “I want you to kill that pig without having it run off. If you fail we’ll keep trying.”

Jack inhaled deeply. He targeted the pig. Took the dagger off Amy and steadied himself. Then he sped to the pig, leaaping into the air and landly on the pig knife first. His knife buried deeply into the pigs neck. The pig tossed once before falling down lifelessly.

Part 2

“That’s strange,” Jack exclaimed looking puzzled “there’s no blood” As Jack finishes he looks at the giggiling Amy.

“Its not real!” says Amy in-between gasps of laughter. “You looked really stupid, but hey you did a good job.. for a fake pig hehe”.

Jack starts to laugh to. “Well you got me, now can we go hunt some real pigs?” Asks Jack

“Sure but I’ll be lauging allot.” Says Amy, finally finished giggiling.

“I’m sure I can surprise you.” Says Jack winking.

They walk back to the shelter, put down there tools and lay to rest…

Chapter 5 – Still no blood

He pounced at the target, swiping its neck in one quick, but fatal blow. It hit the ground lifeless.

“Wait ther’s still no blood!” Jack looks accusingly at Amy “How the hell did you make this thing move?”

“I may have forgot to mention. Only us hu, only we bleed here.” She halted at the word humans and changed her sentance.

“Oh, this place is just getting more and more strange.” Jack moved towards the pig and admired his handy work. The dagger had tore through the neck. Instantly killing the pig. Making it good to cook and painless for the pig.

“Hmm, good work. I may be able to turn you in to a hunter yet after all.” Says Amy.

Okay guys I’ll be writing part 3 soon. Check back to the forum post regularly!

Cameron Walker

I enjoy reading and writing, especially when I get to share what I write with others. It has long been a passion of mine to become a author.

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