M.I.A.P. Review

Well… I’ve found my self at a loss as to what to do lately. I sat silently in my study, pondering what should I do. I could pick up pen and paper and begin with a continuation of Happy Mining, as would be expected. I could simply go out and add an extension of my Villa. Or, I could build a boat, and leave this desert island I’ve been trapped on for the past few months. I think a house seems like a good idea! Well, that was what I had thought. I need something to build a house from, so I guess I have no choice but to go exploring. Good thing I have a map!

MIAP huh? Odd name for a map.

MIAP (Or Minecraft Island Adventure Playset) is a custom survival map made by, none other than, the creator of Skylands. It is a very well put together environment, with many elegant, and inspiring locations to explore and conquer. It is fun, beautiful, and challenging all put together, But enough with my blabbering, and on with the 4 C’s of map review.

Concept: 4/5

It is nothing unheard of, true. There have been plenty of maps with islands. But have you ever seen one with abandoned guard towers infested with swarms of the undead. Everything from Zombies, Spiders, Creepers, and even HIM… Oh wait, that’s just a human mob. You start out in a wooden house, with some tools, and armor. The game tells you to do what ever you want. So, I decided to go exploring the dungeons so I can expand my house! Let’s start with Volcanopolis! That sounds like fun! Or maybe not!

How about the flammable forest? Ok, that sounds good! Hello Mr. Creeper, how’s your day been goin- please don’t hurt me, please!

Complexity: 4/5

The map is very complex, and very detailed. You can explore a number of unique islands, and the intricate cave systems that sprawl out beneath them. From the homely beaches of Refuge Reef, to the lava filled nightmares of Volcanopolis, and the majestic mountains of the Flammable Forest.

My only real complaint is that there is a severe lack of anything to do in the large distances between islands. It would be nice to have some underwater formations and caves for us to explore if we so wished to. Also there is a problem at, if you miss the island while sailing, and go too far out, the game will start to generate new land, confusing you as to your location, and the island’s.

Creativity: 4.5/5

MIAP is a very well put together map, and is one of the most creative survival map I have seen. While some things have been over used, such as the desert island, and especially the hellish environment, they are pulled off in creative, and stunning ways. Each island is a new experience, each one is different, and unique in it’s own way. And, if you’re not the surface exploration type, there are plenty of interesting underground features in the massive cave systems hidden deep beneath the surface.

Challenge: 4.5/5

As our creeper friend a while ago showed, this map is far from easy. Volcanopolis can spawn ghasts, the dungeons are littered with spawners, and even the environment can become one of your greatest foes:

The Verdict

This is one of the more challenging maps I have seen, and it was a great challenge to over come, but eventually I did. And thanks to that, I am still here to give my final verdict on this wonderful map. (Oh yeah, and I finished my house)
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