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Community Spotlight #1

What are Community spotlights? Community Spotlights are our attempt to “shine the light” on someone in the community who is doing something interesting or maybe even revolutionary, but just isn’t getting the views they deserve.

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IGN: Lorhk
Age: 18
Played minecraft since: Since infdev (Around February 2010) “The man behind the amazing Lorhk’s Journal series”


Who is he?

This interview is, in all honesty, really exciting for me. I absolutely love Lorhk’s videos and I frequently watch his live streams. He is an incredibly talented man with a natural gift for making the most random, boring objects into an object of immense comedy (Such as Mr.Flufflewuffles: Monsieur Moo-Moo). Beyond that, he managed to turn a well-done and cliché gag (No fat chicks sign) into a, once-again, funny Minecraft joke. When I actually spoke to Lorhk I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the time, the personalities I hear on youtube and such turn out to be just characters; they in no way resemble what I was expecting. Lorhk is one of the rare exceptions to the case. He was the same person during his live streams and during our conversations.

I really want to extend another thank you to Lorhk. This is my first interview and article and he kindly put up with my inexperience and helped me out quite a bit. If I didn’t already love his videos, I definitely do now. I had hoped it wasn’t an act and, as far as I am concerned, it is not.

Not just your typical Let’s Play

Lorhk’s Journal is not your typical let’s play. He does not discuss what he will do today immediately. He does not say “Today guys, we are going to find a house!”. In fact, Lorhk does not address the viewers at all. Instead, he speaks with himself, completely oblivious to the fact that people are watching him. This series should not really be veiwed as a typical let’s play. No; this is mush closer to a movie.

The improve in this show is amazing. There is never a script written. Lorhk simply says what is on his mind. Lorhk’s own creativity is what keeps me coming back and the same joke is not repeated to a point of becoming stale. Even if it the same act (Say, building a house), it is some how kept fresh.

Yet, somehow, this great man is not a superstar. With just over a thousand subscribers, it seems almost a tradgedy (Scratch that, it is a tradgedy) that he does not have thousands more. Still, Lorhk stays modest and optimistic (With good reason) about the subscribers he has. The man is good hearted, funny and a joy to talk with.


Achruss: First off, I’m not sure how to address you, but am I safe to assume Lorhk would be fine?

Lorhk:  Yeah, Lorhk works just fine. At first I attempted to avoid being called Lorhk but, seeing how it’s the name of the youtube account and the character, it’s a bit hard to shake.

Achruss: Well Lorhk, welcome to TOB!

Lorhk: Glad to be here!

Achruss: Let’s start with a bit of history. How long has the character or Lorhk been alive?

Lorhk: The Lorhk character has only been alive as long as the Journal series. Pchan3 (the creator of the airship mod and the man who I owe most of my subscribers to) and I were brainstorming ideas for a name one night and, lo and behold, Lorhk was born. I then created the personality of the character through a large amount of caffeine and sleep deprivation, which is where I believe most good ideas come from.

Achruss: Have you ever considered moding Minecraft?

Lorhk: Me? Modding? No no no. I’ll leave that to Pchan3. I don’t know a single thing about programming. (Wow, it really sounds like I’m being paid to advertise him… I’m not! He’s just a great guy and deserves to be mentioned.)

Achruss:  Have you ever done anything else with the character of Lorhk besides Minecraft videos?

Lorhk: Once I made Lorhk on Champions Online but I haven’t done anything creative or showy with the character. I do plan on doing a Lorhk’s Journal type thing but in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim instead of Minecraft.

Achruss: How long have you been working on directing/Machinima?

Lorhk: Successfully? Lorhk’s Journal is the only Machinima-esque thing I’ve ever made that has come out the way I’ve envisioned it. Prior to this, I attempted a couple different forms of Machinima. My ideas were always too much compared to the resources I had though, so they always fell flat. And no, I’ll never release any of my failed projects to the world.

Achruss: What inspired you to actually becoming a director?

Lorhk: I couldn’t really say. It feels like I’ve always wanted to be a director but that couldn’t be the case.

Achruss: How did the idea of a lets play like Lorhk’s journal come up?

Lorhk: The idea was birthed from two things:
1. Freeman’s Mind.
2. Me being bored of the typical kind of Let’s Play.

Achruss: Not to differ too much from the subject of Minecraft, but several times in the first book of Lorhk you mentioned being an engineer. Is this your job outside of directing or only a joke for Lorhk’s journal?

Lorhk: It’s neither, really. It’s more of a way of explaining how this random guy who washed up onto a beach knows how to make all the stuff he needs to survive. I didn’t really want to say “He’s well versed in physics, wood-working and is an ardent inventor” so I shortened it to “Engineer”.

Achruss: Do you ever write scripts for your lets play?

Lorhk: No. I have an extremely vague idea of where I want things to go for the series but I keep it completely unscripted. So I’ll come up with events, but not lines.

Achruss: Are you the only one who works on Lorhk’s journal?

Lorhk: Yup.

Achruss: What, if any, spoilers can you give about upcoming Lorhk’s journal episodes?

Lorhk: I can give an extremely vague spoiler that won’t make sense until it happens: Ka-boom.

Achruss:  I heard a rumor that you were looking for someone to be in Lorhk’s journal with you, is this true?

Lorhk: It’s not much of a rumor any more. In the 3rd FAQ video, I stated that I was.

Achruss: So, how can I apply?

Lorhk: Exact same way everyone else is: Either an application video, as if you were applying for some sort of VA job (listing your skills, experience, giving me a quick demo), or by creating your own pilot episode of a Lorhk’s Journal style LP and then sending me the link to the video, of course.

Achruss: What kind of things are you looking for in a partner?

Lorhk: I’m looking for someone with a clear mic, great improv skills, reliability, a good voice that’s quite different from mine and, of course, owning a copy of Minecraft. Unless whoever’s applying is just so amazing that it constitutes me getting them a copy of Minecraft.

Achruss: How big do you plan on letting Lorhk’s Journal get? Would you ever consider turning it into a franchise of sorts (Such as =3, the yogscast, PvP Gurl Gigi, etc)?

Lorhk: I plan on letting it get as big as it possibly can get. More episodes means a higher chance of getting subscribers, and the more the better.

Achruss: You do a lot of live streams and I once heard that you banned anyone who mentions a Minecraft live stream. Why is that?

Lorhk: Ah, this is a tricky one. I don’t ban anyone who mentions Minecraft, I just throw them in a time out. A ten minute temporary ban from the chat. I had issues with these, sort of, “Minecraftian Zealots”, I’ll call them. Every single stream I’d have four or five people bitching at me if I did anything other than play Minecraft. It made the streams much less fun to do.

Achruss: Do you ever plan to move away from Minecraft in your videos?

Lorhk: Eventually. All the biggest Minecraft LPers do. (Seananners, Davidr64ty, etc) You just run out of things to do in Minecraft that are entertaining to the viewers after a while. Although, I feel with the kind of Let’s Play that I’m doing, I should be able to keep it going for quite a while. Especially with the Adventure Update coming out soon. That’ll be so fun.

Achruss: Obviously you have portal on your channel. What other games would you consider doing?

Lorhk: Actually, I recently took the Portal 2 videos off my channel because I lost 3 hours of footage. I’m not sure what games I’ll put up later. I’ll need to wait for this Fall to get something new.

Achruss: It’s been great talking to you, Lorhk. Everyone here at TOB thanks you for your participation and hopefully we’ll see you here again really soon!

Lorhk: Always a pleasure.

As I said before, Lorhk is a fantastic director, a really nice guy, and an absolutely hilarious comedian and he deserves so much more praise than he already has.

You may still be wondering why that is though. Take a look at his first video in the Lorhk’s Journal series:

It begins strange. A man washed ashore after falling off of a boat. As one would expect, he is confused, but, somehow beyond belief, the first words are not only ‘Where am I?’ but also, “Oh god damnit I fell off the boat!” As his journey through this new land continues, each day is better than the next. Each time i laughed, i laughed harder than the last. It is, beyond a doubt, one of the best Let’s plays out there.

Achruss of The Obsidian Block ending, for the first time.

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