Hack Slash Mine

Hack Slash Mine [Mod Review]

Hack Slash Mine [Mod Review] (Reviewed at: V0.5)

The Good


  • Adds Adventure
  • Class System
  • More Mobs
  • Skills
  • Unique Loot


The Bad


  • Still buggy
  • Very hard multiplayer installation
  • Mobs spawn everywhere
  • Building’s don’t really help
  • Mage can be overpowered


Content: 5/5

Hack Slash Mine is yet another Minecraft mod pack, except this was has a difference. It’s not about new recipes, or making complex redstone contraptions. Instead it enhances Minecraft’s adventure and survival side. At the start of the game you get a choice of being a ‘Steve’, Dwarf, Halfling or Elf. These races change how your character looks visually adding to the RP style. You also get to choose whether you want to be a mage, warrior or ranger. These classes all have very unique abilities. Warriors act as the damage and tank role. They have skills to make all nearby mobs attack them, which is very useful when you’re playing with friends. The warrior also has a super jump and lighting strikes. Making him a very hard opponent to kill and probably the best choice for single player. The ranger can climb all natural blocks as if there ladders. By natural I mean things that aren’t man made. For example, stone, dirt, sand ect. This makes the ranger extremely agile allowing him to get very easy access to higher places. He also has explosion, torch and lighting arrows to easily dispatch a large number of enemies. Finally the mage, this class has one of the best spells/skills. It’s called blink, it’s basically a short range teleport spell which is very useful when under attack. The mage is also equipped with a blue wand which uses up mana. This is used to cast fireball, the default attack for mages. However rare new weapons can be found across the land.

When you roam around on this mod you’ll notice that Minecraft seems to have a lot of mobs now. This is because the mod adds in a countless amount of new mobs. From scorpions to Naga. Your pretty much constantly under attack, which makes you really desperate for a base early on. The mod also adds in 3 new dungeons. One of these is a underground one, the entrance however is located on the surface. These dungeons are randomly generated so can be very short or an epic quest. The rooms range from lily pad and water themed, to giant jumping puzzles over lava. This is when the mage and his blink ability come in very handy. As well as these underground dungeons there are also two different tower dungeons. Both towers are pretty similar. The two towers are pretty much the same, but one tower is much larger and contains better loot. But in turn the spawners contain higher level mobs. That hit much harder than lower levels. The smaller towers are do-able at the start if you take them slow enough and usually have very useful treasure at the top. The towers are also randomly generated and range from lava rooms to random block rooms that are hard to navigate.

Sounds/Visual Aspects: 3.5

The mod doesn’t add in any custom sounds; however there has been a lot of work spent on the new mobs and changing the player to look smaller or bigger. It also makes the landscape look like you’re having a nightmare which is quite good for the mood. If they added in music and sounds, this mod would be very atmospherically scary.

Glitches: 3/5

There are a lot of glitches still in the mod especially with the loot system. I found a weapon with -100% attack speed meaning I couldn’t attack. There are also a lot of Multiplayer issues when playing with friends. They’ve already started coding though, so glitches like this should be fixed fairly quickly.

Installation: 5/5

The mod can’t be easier to install since it became part of the Technic Pack. You simply download the Technic Launcher, click on Hack Slash Mine and wait for it to install. Then you can play the mod in single player and multiplayer.

Photo Gallery!

Picture’s coming soon!

The Verdict

Altogether this mod is extremely fun. It makes the survival and adventure side of Minecraft 10x better than the vanilla game. If you’re an adventurer then this is your mod.
So if you’re into the above, I’d highly recommend clicking that download down there which will link you to Technic. Happy Hacking!

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