Deep Space Turtle Chase Map Review

Deep Space Turtle Chase (Reviewed at: V1.1)
(It rhymes!)
   Deep Sp… DSTC is a brand new map brought to us by a popular YouTuber ‘CaptainSparklez’ and a popular server ‘VoxelBox’. Together they have made the ultimate map pack.
   Hurtle through space with the highly realistic texture pack as explosions and meteors alike hurtle past. BOOM, you turn around, something else has been shot into the depths of space. You beckon and plead your machine to accelerate that little bit faster, you start to tremble. Your suit is getting destroyed. The very fabric of space is being tested. BANG!
This map has one very simple word. AFUA-Amazing, fantastic, unbelievable and awesome. Yup, one word. The redstone circuitry, buildings, creativity and sheer genius make this map stand out above all others. It uses redstone to make highly believable scenarios and landscapes that help set not only the scene, but the atmosphere.

   Watch as your computer struggles to load up the vast amount of pixels. Each building design shouts “I’m creative” in your direction as your eyes fill with silent, happy tears and your hands start to shake at the tremendous sights in front of you. You look left, right, up and down. In every direction awesomeness is there. From meteors to space stations, spacesuits to electricity. Every little detail put to absolute perfection. Mother Nature herself could not have created a better world.
Now before you read on, remember this: if no other map is fun, blame not me, but CaptainSparklez and the VoxelBox for being such good builders! Now read, let eyes transfer the meaningless blackness into words, let these words travel to your brain and highlight your excitement, get the adrenaline to pulse through your viens, into your mouse as you click…download!

The Good


  • Highly creative
  • Mods and texture pack make the map a new game
  • Incredibly fun


The Bad


  • Extremely laggy
  • Linear
  • Maybe too hard


Creativity: 5/5

   One of the main factors of the game is creativity. The storyline is unique, the characters funny and expressive. The map is layered in creativity from giant Easter eggs to small details that make a huge difference. When you enter into the realms of space for the first time you see stars (textured iron blocks) and the ride is truly spectacular. You hurtle down meteorites, dodging ships and flying at millions of mph (a few blocks a second). This would be quite good normally, but the explosions as you leave the space station, mixed with the custom texture pack and music creates a truly awe-inspiring atmosphere. So for creativity they are truly unmatched in every context. I doubt anyone will ever rival this map on it’s creativity side. So congratulations Voxel and Captain for your valiant effort in creating a map that will rival all in its creative feat.

Challenge: 5/5

   This is the hardest map ever made. In fact they had to add tips in a recent update just so people could get past the first challenge. I’ll give you a taste of what I mean. You know those maps where they have the really hard to get Easter eggs? You’ll find maybe 1 or 2 out of the 10 and getting those involves going a way that seems impossible. Well this is what the actual map is like on this. Sometimes however it is obvious what you have to do, but if that’s the case it will be even harder. Oh and it’s more like out of 50 not 10. So congratulations once again Voxel and Captain, for creating a map to rival The End of Minecraft.

Replay Value: 1/5

   I really see no reason to replay this as it’s very liner. It’s like when you start a new world you normally start different. Imagine always starting in the same seed, building the same buildings. In this map there are no alternative routes so there’s really no need to replay, that is if you managed to beat the thing in the first place. So unfortunately a bad score on these terms.

Photo Gallery!

The Verdict

   Very hard and challenging but also fun, and makes you feel fuzzy inside when you complete a part. Could of been made easier and less linear but a great job none the less. I’d highly recommend downloading this map now. Link below!

[button color=”orange” link=”” target=”_blank”]Download Here[/button]

Picture from All credit to them.

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