Yogbox Mod Review

Let me start by saying this: My entire home world is centered around this Compilation.  I mean, I do not wish to sound as if I am selling this piece, because I am not. Everything I say is the absolute truth (Or an opinion of mine; the filtering is up to you), this is a review and is in no way a sale’s pitch. It is, however, also a recommendation. The YogBox is an amazing compilation, and is the only mod pack I will ever need or use.

So, without further babble about being a salesman, I present you with the YogBox, created by Lewis (Xephos) and Simon (Honeydew) in cooperation with many, many fantastic modders (And also the others of the Yogscast, whom I cannot seem to name…). It is a complete pack of Mods that preserve the Vanilla feeling of Minecraft, without subtracting from the actual experience of using Mods. It adds some new and exciting changes to the Minecraft world (Such as elemental creepers), and adds subtle but great changes that were greatly needed (Seasons, anyone?).

The Good


  • Much needed changes to minecraft that should have been done in the first place
  • Easiest thing to install, period.
  • Subtle changes make life easier
  • Preserves the feel of Minecraft


The Bad


  • The Deer ruin the mood
  • Some what buggy
  • The texture pack takes some time to get used to


Graphics: 4/5

Yes. It seems so odd giving multiple mods one single little rating, but it has to be done. As such, these mods don’t look so good together, but the texture pack helps a little bit. It’s kind of strange, yes, but once you get used to it, you start to love it. I love it (If you stare to long into the void, the void stares back into you). It needs improvement, and texture packs like Gerdoku and Jolicraft simply trump it on all stands. Sorry guys, try again next time.

Sounds: 4/5

Not all the mods added have sound, so this is largely based off of Mo’Creatures. The sounds are nice, and overall quite pleasant. The deer, however, made me jump. It sounds like a combination of a dying walrus and a whale, about to beach itself. It’s awful. Picture this: You’re walking through a winter wonderland, you can hear the dolphins out in the bay, sheeps Baaing nicely. A pack of Deer run by! So beautiful! Dying walrus and beaching whale noise. Mood? Ruined. Thats basically the only thing I can think of (and, supposedly, that is the noise deer actually make. I’ve seen Deer, I live out next to some damn woods, they eat our plants, and they have NEVER made that noise.) and after some time, it’s just another small annoyance.

Bugginess: 3/5

It’s not a ten. This is, by far, the lowest score the YogBox will recieve. First off, if you play with elemental creepers, various objects and mobs will randomly become transparent. It’s way more annoying than it sounds. If you choose to use an HD texture pack, you will need the Optifog with custom water support as it will not work with the HD patcher (Even then, using the texture pack causes some items to act strange, changing their spirtes to water or lava). Maybe I am judging this too harshly, if these were individual mods, they would not be bad. Hell, it would be fantastic! Unfortunately, when combined, they take the pure annoyance and frustration to a whole new level.

Installation: 5/5

This is, quite literally, the easiest thing to install. Click click click done! You go into a screen, select which mods you would or wouldn’t like (Minus the core, of course) click next and bam! Fully Modded .jar. It is so smooth I have actually began using it as a mod installer (I don’t recomend it, it will end badly). I mean, it’s so simply and fast i can’t keep going on about it, because there is nothing to go on about! It’s like you never even installed anything!

Content: 5/5

Content has never been summed up so easily, the box has a convienient list of everything included near the bottom of post, with a short description of what each one does and whether or not it is required to be installed. The following are mods contained in the YogBox at the time of this article (These may change without warning, do not use this as a hard fact or reference):

  • Seasons, by Nandonalt
  • Proper fence behavior, by Nekosune
  • The allocator, jump pad, trap chest and Fan blocks, courtesy of Pfaeff
  • Elemental creepers, from xSmallDeadGuyx
  • Millenaire, by Kinniken (This mod will NOT be involved in the review, my computer simply cannot run it)
  • Mystic ore and Mystic ruins, by Axebane
  • Baby Animals by cocoaValley
  • Scokeev9’s Biome colored water, Scottools, and Randomite ore
  • Somnia. by MALfunction84
  • MoreHealth by Nohero
  • Mod Options API by Clintonax
  • GUI API created by Lahwarn
  • Mo’ Creatures by DrZhark
  • Slime Boots, Score, Starting Inventory, Treecapitator, Crystal Wing, Web Generation by DaftPVF
  • ModLoader, AudioMod, Death Chest, Shelves, More Stackables, More Arrows, Recipe Book, from Risugami
  • Airship and Sky pirates by Pchan3
  • Magical Bone Sticks, Bone Torch, Biome Caves, More Dungeons, Rope!,and the Peaceful Pack, from the always amazing HogOfWar
  • Buried Treasures by Club559, NCrawler and Pudding Huxtable
  • Last, but certainly not least, ConvenientInventory by Evenprime
  • And several smaller additions by the Yogscast themselves (Kept secret, see if you can find them)

These mods work well together, and would (If installed normally without the YogBox) not be able to function smoothly side by side by traditional means. All of them, as I said before, preserve the vanilla feel of minecraft without removing the thrill for adding something new with mods. It is changed enough so that it can be recognized as Minecraft, but still odd enough to make it feel somewhat new and refreshed.

Photo Gallery!

Click on an image to view in full resolution

Horrid Deer atop a horse

A floating island and some Dolphins

Gradviere, the unicorn, part of the Mo’ Creatures pack

A whole new world! The Airship pack.

The happy ghast balloon, from the front.

Sir Fluffles and Doctor Porkums, part of the baby animals pack

Verdite ore, from the mystic ores pack

The Verdict

This mod adds so much to the game, while still creating a feeling of Minecraft. there are a few bugs, but these are not game breaking and easily over looked. it also adds a certain feeling of peace, watching the Biome-specific water roll by, song birds tweating, the dolphins frolicing (The deer, making some horrid noise). Although some of the textures looks a bit strange, the texture pack sorts it out to it’s best, even if it is a bit strange. A very good mod pack, with quick and simply installation.

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