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Clay Soldier Mod Review

The Clay soldier mod adds only 3 new items into the game but two of these can move and one of these can fight! Oh yeah, that’s right, fight!

Graphics: 3.5/5

Not many things needed graphics in this mod. There are clay soldiers that come in 7 different colours (default grey, green, blue, red, yellow, orange and purple). Other than that, there are only dirt horses. However, the graphics on these additions are pretty awesome. Just like taste buds in your brain are being touched with, umm nice food… Graphics wise, the only other things are armour, sticks, gunpowder and a crown (gold ingot). These are all the visible things. Oh wait, did I mention they glow in the dark! That’s what I’m talking about, luminous killer armies! That’s what really boosted there mark up!

Sounds: 1.5/5

The only sound they added was the noise of the soldiers hitting each other. Not that it’s bad or anything, but when you have 64 v 64 soldiers and all you can hear is “uggh, uggh, uggh” over and over you start to slowly die a little inside. So, unfortunately, a bad score for sound!

Bugginess: 5/5

The one thing this mod has, well rather doesn’t have, is bugs! I played for a good couple of hours and encountered zero bugs. Yup, well done sir, nil bugs, completely none! So yeah, if you want a mod that’s not buggy, download the hell out-a this!

Installation: 4.5/5

This was one of the easiest mods to install I’ve ever come across. You pretty much drag ‘n’ drop 6-8 items, delete the META and your done. However, I can’t give a full 10 because it can be better. Take the YogBox for example. So far the easiest mod to install.

Content: 3.5/5

This mod adds a lot of violent-related fun (I think there’s a none violent one…) into Minecraft. Making armies clash together in a tiny room makes you feel like a kid again. You remeber, the little tiny plastic men! These are pretty much the Minecraft equivalent and, therefore, totally not childish *ahem*. Anyway, here’s a list of things to give your soldiers:

  • Leather: This provides them with protection.
  • Gunpowder: When they die they’ll blow up in a mini radius and kill nearby soldiers. Enjoy setting off huge chain-reactions.
  • Sticks: This enables them to hit each other with more force.
  • Glowstone: This makes them glow in the dark.
  • Sugar: This makes them run and attack faster. (Basically, a RedBull without the wings.)
  • Redstone: The Clay-men can throw it in each others eyes to blind them.
  • Clay balls: basically med-kits for Clay-men.
  • Gold ingot: This makes the Clay-man the leader for that colour and all other men will follow him. (Only one for each colour.)
  • White wool: If they have armour on, it increase its durability.
  • Flint: If they have sticks, they sharpen them to do more damage.
  • Cooked pork-chops: The Clay-men store it for later use when there wounded.
  • A Horse: The Clay-men can mount these to ride them which increases their speed. (The horses are neutral so any army can take it!)
Photo Gallery!

Click on an image to view the actual size

Most people make an arena like this to let their soldiers fight!

Another Clay Soldier arena, and a soldier on a horse!

Here’s a cluster of some soldiers.

The Verdict

Well, that’s pretty much it guys. I greatly recommend downloading the “toomanyitems” mod if you get this mod. It’s a lot more fun if you do. Here’s the link!
[button color=”orange” link=”” target=”_blank”]Download Here[/button]

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