The Obsidian Block is home to the first online minecraft magazine. We released our first magazine on October 30,2010 showcasing the halloween update and the nether! Since then we have released 2 more magazines and a number of “blog style” articles which can be found on the archive page. All of the magazines are available for download on the magazine page.

Some of our favorite blog content is our interviews with Rhodox (Painterly Pack), Kirb (Artifacts Mod), Vechs (Super hostile) and kingbdogz (The aether mod). For more interviews be sure to check out our magazines!

May 1, 2012 marks the last time TOB has produced any content. Since then the team has moved on to working on other projects or focusing on school. Fun Fact: TOB has racked up an estimated 150,000 page views! The website will remain online as an archive for all of the content we produced.


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